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Biomedical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that combines the principles from engineering Principles, medical procedures and mathematics to create solutions for the health care. The main objective of every biomedical Engineer is to improve the human health and quality of life. This requires the collaboration of biomedical engineers and doctors to develop novel medical equipment, devices and software

Biomedical Engineering is one of the best departments in Loyola Institute of Technology & science (LITES) which is housed in main block (first floor) with sufficient classrooms, faculty rooms, research and teaching laboratories. The BME department of LITES signed Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with many industries, training centres, scan centres and hospitals in an around the country.

The computer and internet facilities are made available to the students round the clock. The department has initiated conducting National Conference, Technical Symposium, inter/intra department Activities and seminars.

In real life Bio medical Engineers doing a very interesting and wide range of activities. Bio medical engineers are expected to have fantastic time with a rapid employment growth in the coming decade

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