LITES Dept. of Computer Science

15 March 2015

Research Experience:

Over 33 years of research experience in petroleum refining processes and catalysts as well as in research project management as project leader and principal investigator in the following areas:

Petroleum residue upgrading by hydroprocessing.

Deep desulfurization of diesel to ultra low sulfur levels.

Catalytic reforming of naphtha for octane improvement

Clean fuels production: Process parameter optimization and feedstock effect studies in petroleum distillates and residues hydrotreating for clean fuels production.

Catalyst development and preparation, characterization and performance testing for application in hydrotreating of different feedstocks (petroleum residues and distillates).

Pilot Plant Studies on catalytic hydroprocessing of residual oils for HDM, HDS, HDN, hydrocracking and asphaltenes conversion.

Refinery catalysts characterization, catalyst deactivation problem analysis and performance evaluation.

Preparation of active new hydrodemetallization catalysts from spent hydrotreating catalysts.

Catalyst surface characterization and activity/selectivity correlations.

With Best Wishes
Dr.A.Stanislaus., Ph.D.,

Admission 2016-17