LITES Dept. of Computer Science

15 March 2015


38 years in ‘Indian Space Research Organization’, Department of space, Govt. of India in various capacities from 1970 to 2008. Retired as General Manager from LPSC, ISRO, Mahendragiri.

Responsible for Design, procurement, Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning of High Pressure (200 bar) Cryogenic Thrust Chamber Facility (TCT) at the cost of over Rs 200 Crores. This twin bay facility (a sea level bay and a HAT bay) is realized in Collaboration with firms from Switzerland, Holland, Germany & Russia and with participation of Indian Industries viz Linde, Baroda and L&T, Mumbai.

Responsible for operation & maintenance of other cryogenic facilities namely Main Engine & Stage Test Stand (MET), Steering Engine Test Stand (SET) and Turbine & Pump Test Stand (TPT) to support GSLV programme.

Responsible for operation & maintenance of Earth Storable Propellant test facilities for testing liquid engines of Rockets & Satellites in sea level & HAT mode for all ongoing ISRO programmes.

As General Manager I was also responsible for administrative functions which include general administration, accounts, purchase & stores, transport, medical, canteen, telephone, photography, civil works, library, safety & security.

With Best Wishes
Dr.S.M.Rajarathnam., Ph.D.,

Admission 2016-17

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